• Commercial Loans & Advances

    The Bank provides short to medium term finance for both project and working capital requirements. Loans and advances are issued in kwacha and foreign currency (USD) at competitive rates. Depending on the nature of the client’s project, the facilities can be structured to cover period ranging from three days to seven years.  
  • Guarantees & Bid Bonds

    The Bank provides a range of contractual or project security through the issuance of guarantees, bid bonds, performance bonds and advance payment bonds for its esteemed customers engaged in trade or capital projects in all sectors of our economy.  
  • Leasing

    The Investrust Bank Lease facility is a tax efficient form of medium term financing through which customers can acquire movable and immovable assets in the agriculture, tourism, information technology, transport, mining and other sectors. This product gives financial comfort to our customers as it enables them to have access to and use of the asset without necessarily owning it. The Bank also provides sale and leaseback arrangements. The uniqueness of the Investrust Bank Lease is our ability to structure lease rentals according to clients’ cash flows and/or tax circumstances.
  • Trade Financing

    Under this facility, the Bank is focused on meeting and managing the short term liquidity requirements of our local traders. Some of the services provided under this facility are:- •    Invoice Discounting •    Bankers’ Acceptances and Discounting of Bills of Exchange •    Provision of pre and post shipment financing •    Letters of Credit  
  • Investrust Personal Trust Loan

    This is a personal loan with a minimum loan amount of ZMW5,000 and a maximum of ZMW100,000. The loan is repayable over a maximum period of 36 months. Interest and the principal amount are required to be serviced monthly (preferably linked to salary payment date of the borrower). The rate of interest is linked to the Bank’s Policy Rate and interest is charged on the reducing principal amount. In order to access this facility, the applicant must have an account with the Bank. The loan is arranged through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the borrowers’ employers. The employer only facilitates repayment of the loan by simply deducting the loan repayment amount directly from the employee’s monthly salary and remitting it to the Bank.